Monday, 4 May 2009

A very puff'd post!

Okay, sorry about the last post ending like that. My gran was having a checkup with the hospital and such because they thought she had a lump in her stomach. I'm so glad she didn't... Infact, her organs seem to be in perfect health, so very happy am I! However, she is going back for another test as far as I am aware. Hope the virus infection is dying down.

Been watching a LOT of the Powerpuff girls lately. Me being the little obsessive weirdo I am even got carried away with the ramblings of a certain green, brain buldged chemical-x powered simian, Mojo Jojo! So much so infact that he invaded my doodle diary... Which this time, I have some scans to share with you. Hah! Proof that it actually exists! Take that Amy. I tend not to show the doodles in this book, so feel unlucky to take a little peek into what happens in my head when nothing is happening in the college classes.
I also appear to have an obsession with high lighters...Go figure.

Also, apologies in advanced for that scary Mojo face... I dunno what came over me when I drew that. I'll end this post by just stating the obvious. Craig McCracken is a genius!