Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Merry Christmas!

And a very happy new year!

Hope you all got what you wanted this year, I know I did! <3

Thursday, 18 December 2008

Emo tastic rant. Don't read for the love of God.

Why do I keep befriending those who will drop me like a freaking hot potato the minute they're happy or suckered art off of me like a leech? I know there are lovely people out there that will treat me with respect and won't toss me aside, I just really wish I could find them... I don't have many friends anymore. I can count them on my hands, those people I really do trust, I love them to bits. And I bet you're reading this. My love really does go out to you guys, you put up with my lameness and my idiocy through the good and the bad. Thank you so very much...

It would appear to me, however, that my friend group that I used to hang out with almost everyday have moved on and are happy to continue on without me, only acknowledging me with a brief "hello" if I'm lucky, before ignoring me. No matter what I do or say... It's as if I never knew them in the first place. I don't even know why I'm ranting about this anymore. I've done so in so many previous posts... It's like I'm blasting hot air for no freaking reason. None of them will ever know anyway. Like they'd give a damn.

I'd love for someone to tell me what I did that made them want to toss me out like that... I really want to know what I did that can make me so upset and sorry to be around. It's doing my head in, really... I don't remember offending them, but if I did I want to know why so I can make it up to them. Or at least be given an explanation. Maybe I'm too uncool for them? Or too geeky? Or just down right annoying.

All I remember doing is trying to be there for them, or trying to make them laugh. Staying up until crazy hours making them presents just because I felt they needed one, or because they were upset. Staying on all night just to talk with them if they needed just a someone to listen to them...

I must have done something horribly wrong and despicable for this to keep happening... I probably deserve it.

Here's the art work for this post. Enjoy it.

Tuesday, 9 December 2008


Not much really going on right now apart from college work and the coy playing of games every now and then. I do admit I haven't really been able to post much up in the way of art up here and I do apologise for this. However, this doesn't mean I haven't been drawing! Quite the opposite I assure you. Most of my drawings recently have been done on paper in various sketch books. Mostly for college work but definitely beneficial to me, that's for sure. We recently did movement studies in my art class, though it was with a partner and consisted of five minute sketches, a slight movement and then drawing over the image with the movement on top. It's hard to explain, but it's like drawing frames in flash with the onion layer on, except you're going from light colours to darker ones. I decided to do a few practice runs with a more cartoony twist to it as you can see below.

Also managed to throw together a coloured work for you all, rare for me but it's becoming more common... Thankfully!
The lovable Foster's cast. Not all unfortunately, I ran out of space to add in anymore.

Don't like this drawing at all. Guh. Need to work on drawing fire.
Was listening to the Art Grounds radio while doodling these up. The user Percy was playing a bunch of songs and I tried to draw along to each one. It's really hard to keep up, especially on short songs but it really is a fun thing to do hehe!
Dunno about this one really. I did it a lot earlier in the week and I don't recall what was going through my cranium at that moment. Let's just say I was practicing a walking forward pose?

That's all for now guys, have a good day!

Thursday, 4 December 2008

Guess who...

Forgot they were told to skip their lighting class so those who failed their tests could resit and thus has to wait around for 2 hours doing jack all because she can't get a computer with photoshop and a graphics tablet to continue with her project?

You guessed it! Me! Urgh what a burk.

Ah well can't stop what's already happened, right? I'll see if I can get some stuff I've been working on uploaded here, if this bucket of bolts will even let me. Seriously, college computers are so very slow. It's like running in slow motion but not as cool.

Okay so this computer won't let me upload the images directly here, pain in the butt that it is. However, I do have a back up plan! Let's see if Photobucket will be my friend today and let me shove them up on there. In the mean time here is a doodle of Numbuh 4 I did a while ago. Same colouring I tried on that Numbuh 3 picture, but it turned out a lot better in my opinion.

And I think I may have figured out this upload thing! Mwuhahaha, let the posting of crud commence!

First up is my cover design for my final work CD. Who doesn't wanna ride a giant pidgeon into battle? I know I do!

This is one of my 8 Digital images. Basically it is 8 images that tell a story of transition and are composed of at least 2 layers. I chose reality to cartoon and vise-versa. But I guess that's kinda obvious! [I hope.]

And this is a cartoon version of my friend Debbeh peeking out from a dark room where we take out our films from photography. Those rooms are pure EVIL I tell you. I walked right into the door once because it was so dark and I couldn't find the handle. Go me!

I have also been animating away with a gift for Debbeh. And here it is!

And I shall leave on that note. Toodle pip!

Monday, 24 November 2008

Busy body!

Indeed I am. This time of the year is always busy with all the deadlines floating around, sheesh! I'm a little worried about it, but it should pull together. Even if it is at the last booming second possible. I've almost got 2 of my 8 images completed so that's something, right?

Animation is coming along smoothly, apart from the question of whether I can animate a chicken turning it's head from facing forwards to the side. I did practice turning a monkey 360 degrees, but that didn't have a beak sticking out of it's face now did it?

Yet again I have been playing with a new colouring style. Please tell me what you think of it when you see it in this rather bulky upload of crummy doodles!

Cheers guys! Hope you're keeping well.

You can guess what came up on my ipod.
Old schoolin' it here. I love the PPG.

Hanging out with Wilt! I was watching Fosters that day.

Numbuh 3 of the Kids Next Door! My favourite show of all time.
How about some Naz from Ed, Edd and Eddy! Speaking of which...
Here's some Edd!

Not in order here but have some Ed, Edd and Eddy!

Some more Fusionfall hehe!
Just some doodles, yus yus.
Ant eaters!

Monday, 17 November 2008

Guess who's a lazy poo?

I feel like such a lazy sod, considering the upload of pictures this update is pathetic in the amount of time I've had. But I assure you, I wasn't being silly and playing video games the whole time, honest!... Okay so maybe I was, but it was the best game ever. I was one of the many people who flocked to the Fusionfall web page for one of their wide scale Beta tests! It was spread across last Friday to Sunday and let me tell you, it was great fun. And usually mmoRPGs aren't my cup of tea. Then again, a coming together of the CN stars would of course be appealing to a mega cartoon junkie like myself. I spent most of my time making the Numbuh 2 and 5 nanos dance and say things. They were so adorable! I could feel my heart and brain combusting from the mere sight of them! So as what happens with all things I love, expect a heap of doodles of the game and some of my experiences in it. Starting with this post of course!

Now on to the drawings!

I have rekindled my fangirlish nature for a certain red headed genius due to Fusionfall. Also caused me to scower the Internet to find a few episodes to watch as well. Oh how I love Dexter's Laboratory. Genndy Tartakovsky is so amazing...

A doodle of a squirrel that looks like me on my way to college. Minus a very heavy bag that could knock out a walrus and an elephant if it were in the wrong hands.

A crying Fred Fredburger who is rather sad that the Underfist never went trick or treating. I feel his pain.

A doodle of a young and confused Bomberman!

A coloured picture of a Bomberma-I mean girl named Aqua. These are rare, especially from me!
A coloured drawing of my Fusionfall avatar with the three Nanos I have chosen to keep with me. I'd have a Nigel nano too if I could ever find one!

And finally... Well it kinda speaks for itself... I can't draw anime and this is probably the last one you'll ever see from me haha. An attempt at a style comparison of the cartoon Numbuh 1 and the Fusionfall style.

Enjoy the art! I hope I can post up some more soon to make up for the gap!

Sunday, 9 November 2008


Are kinda boring but are one of the many things one must do whether they like it or not. Luckily for me I've almost finished mine for Communications class so I should have plenty of time to work on my other projects hehe. I've got through the first part of my animation without a hitch, but the backgrounds are proving to be fairly time consuming. I'm considering using painted backgrounds instead, but the scan quality might hinder me a bit... I could do the backgrounds in my own time here at home I suppose as well as the sketch animations, bring them in to class and add the final details then. Hmmmmm, I'll ponder this over in greater details over the course of the week, see if I can get a conclusion out before Thursday.
I also have eight ideas for Digital imaging in the works, I should be able to do a photo shoot of them sometime in the near future before I can get on to painstakingly editing them over in Photoshop. At least it's progression!... I think?
Anywhoooo, on to the doodles!
I blame my itunes for this one. A bunch of dance songs came on in a row and the next thing I know... A dancing afro monkey? I draw these too often!

Been in a real Chowder mood as of lately, so I've got a few doodles of him and Panini.

I was also in a bit of an Underfist mood. But then again that's more of a case of, when am I not?

Bun bun doesn't look pleased...

Some Irken art too? I really am going backwards in my line of obsessions.

Some Ed art is a must hehe.

Some old school Secret Squirrel, boy do I miss watching that.

I'll finish off this post with this doodle. Inspired by Voltaire's Disco Dracula... Don't ask? I have no idea okay!...