Thursday, 4 December 2008

Guess who...

Forgot they were told to skip their lighting class so those who failed their tests could resit and thus has to wait around for 2 hours doing jack all because she can't get a computer with photoshop and a graphics tablet to continue with her project?

You guessed it! Me! Urgh what a burk.

Ah well can't stop what's already happened, right? I'll see if I can get some stuff I've been working on uploaded here, if this bucket of bolts will even let me. Seriously, college computers are so very slow. It's like running in slow motion but not as cool.

Okay so this computer won't let me upload the images directly here, pain in the butt that it is. However, I do have a back up plan! Let's see if Photobucket will be my friend today and let me shove them up on there. In the mean time here is a doodle of Numbuh 4 I did a while ago. Same colouring I tried on that Numbuh 3 picture, but it turned out a lot better in my opinion.

And I think I may have figured out this upload thing! Mwuhahaha, let the posting of crud commence!

First up is my cover design for my final work CD. Who doesn't wanna ride a giant pidgeon into battle? I know I do!

This is one of my 8 Digital images. Basically it is 8 images that tell a story of transition and are composed of at least 2 layers. I chose reality to cartoon and vise-versa. But I guess that's kinda obvious! [I hope.]

And this is a cartoon version of my friend Debbeh peeking out from a dark room where we take out our films from photography. Those rooms are pure EVIL I tell you. I walked right into the door once because it was so dark and I couldn't find the handle. Go me!

I have also been animating away with a gift for Debbeh. And here it is!

And I shall leave on that note. Toodle pip!

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