Thursday, 18 December 2008

Emo tastic rant. Don't read for the love of God.

Why do I keep befriending those who will drop me like a freaking hot potato the minute they're happy or suckered art off of me like a leech? I know there are lovely people out there that will treat me with respect and won't toss me aside, I just really wish I could find them... I don't have many friends anymore. I can count them on my hands, those people I really do trust, I love them to bits. And I bet you're reading this. My love really does go out to you guys, you put up with my lameness and my idiocy through the good and the bad. Thank you so very much...

It would appear to me, however, that my friend group that I used to hang out with almost everyday have moved on and are happy to continue on without me, only acknowledging me with a brief "hello" if I'm lucky, before ignoring me. No matter what I do or say... It's as if I never knew them in the first place. I don't even know why I'm ranting about this anymore. I've done so in so many previous posts... It's like I'm blasting hot air for no freaking reason. None of them will ever know anyway. Like they'd give a damn.

I'd love for someone to tell me what I did that made them want to toss me out like that... I really want to know what I did that can make me so upset and sorry to be around. It's doing my head in, really... I don't remember offending them, but if I did I want to know why so I can make it up to them. Or at least be given an explanation. Maybe I'm too uncool for them? Or too geeky? Or just down right annoying.

All I remember doing is trying to be there for them, or trying to make them laugh. Staying up until crazy hours making them presents just because I felt they needed one, or because they were upset. Staying on all night just to talk with them if they needed just a someone to listen to them...

I must have done something horribly wrong and despicable for this to keep happening... I probably deserve it.

Here's the art work for this post. Enjoy it.

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