Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Jack O'Lantern!

Unfortunately I was not able to purchase one this year, but I have hopefully made up for this with the number of Jack O'Lantern drawings I have done!
They were made for a friend of mine over on DA who was feeling down about some users heckling her and being neglectful. So I decided to see if I could cheer her up with a bunch drawings of her favourite cartoon character of all time, Jack O'Lantern himself! She was quite speechless when she received it hehe. Mission accomplished I think!

I've also been playing a LOT of Samba De Amigo, so much so that I managed to get to one of the online leader boards on survival mode.

Started like this!

Ended like this!

And now for the arts! Doodled this little thing up a day or two ago.
Me and my friend taking a ride on his skootay! Hehe.

Dancing Sugar glider?
And now for all the Jack art I did for my friend, careful there's quite a few...

Thursday, 23 October 2008

Things have been so tense here at home lately... Not pleasant at all. My parents, brother and I are getting to the end of our tethers at my grans behaviour. It's not natural for someone to behave as such, especially at her age. She gave me a good smack in the arm because I was defending my mother and started screaming while everyone else was simply talking. Buh, my mum said that this is only the beginning of it and that it will only be a matter of time before she starts punching... The only question is how long?

It's a funny feeling, to say the least. I've recently discovered truths about her that I never knew before. About how exactly she has treated my mum. It's disgusting. It's the only word I'd use to describe it. No one should EVER treat their own child that way. It just boils my blood thinking about it... But for peace's sake I will keep my disgust silent. But the next time she goes around being so ungrateful for nothing but kind gestures, my God will I argue with her until I turn blue in the face.

Now for the artwork!

Some old school Secret Squirrel.
Uhhh... Doesn't everyone wanna ride a turtle with a fan blowing to make it feel like you're speeding?... No?

Vent work, nothing more.
Old piece. Can't remember if I've posted it or not. Meh.
Epic poses and perspective crud.
A gift for Maxwell Atoms!
This is a true story. Except people only gave me funny looks.

Friday, 17 October 2008

I'm on a roll!

[EDIT 2]: Now with 100% more Skarr! -facepillowsnore-
[EDIT]: Got more Underfist for you! Woop. I feel bad about not having time to draw Skarr yet... He's my favourite character! Jeez.... ):
Been drawing like crazy lately, especially Underfist fan art...

Also been developing my storyboard for my assignment in class. It still needs a LOT of work done to it but I think it's gone pretty well up to this point. The characters have been sorta chosen too! I'll be sticking with Boss Bear, Fizz and a redesign of Chuck. He needs to be a more confident and angry character. Befitting of a rooster. This will also require a rename, hmmm. Ah well, enjoy the random rubbish!

Let's start things off with an Irwin doodle! I loved his role in the show, and his powers were so very nerdeliciously awesome.

Next up is Fred Fredburger!... Now I drew him facing off with a Magic duck because they kept calling him that in the Underfist... Yeah I know I'm not funny shush.

And a Jeff swinging with his little buddy of course! I need to practice drawing Jeff. He's difficult to get correct, as is Hoss.

Jeff the spider! Look at him go!
Hoss Delgado! He was a challenge to draw, as I'm not used to drawing absolute beef cakes. But I'm happy with the results!

And now for some Skarr!

This was a collab I did with a good friend of mine over on Art Grounds! The theme was draw giant bugs wearing top hats and tutus duking it out.... Whaaaat? Can't two bugs duke it out over who's tutu is better?

And finally a robotic cheerleader who wants to kill you. Have a great day people!

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Job hunts.

Still on the look out for a job, jeez it's been months and all I've found is places pretending to have spaces for part time slots and fully available manager positions. Ones that I can't fill due to my college commitment. However, today I feel pretty good about it. I've handed out a few CVs and I'm off out to hunt again tomorrow... Jeez it's similar to a Safari out here! Oh well, I'll cover all the back streets to see if I can track down a few more positions that may be willing to give me a job...

As it stands we've officially started dabbling in Flash at college, as you can tell in my previous post I'm still a bit of a newbie. We've also been given full freedom on our final assignment which means I can let my mind run rampant around blank canvas with character and story ideas. My only issue is that I might just get really carried away and add far too much detail to it all... Oh well, I can practice both at home and at college so hopefully I can make it work! In any case I'll show you a few concepts I've got in the works as well as some other concepts for an entirely different idea I've had... Not for college in any way, more for my own personal happiness.
In any case, here's the school stuff!

Starting off with the villains of course. The Rat pack!

The big boss Peter the Polar bear.
Chuck the business chicken. He's an accountant!
My very own "Drama Llama" Liam Llama. Poor nervous bloke.
Fizz the hip Fox cub. The cool kid who rarely speaks!
The Lemming twins. One emotionally unstable, one a complete adrenalin junkie. Go figure!

Now these concepts are for my own little mini series I may or may not do. Depends if I get around to it or not... Or whether I find a better story. I won't reveal it of course but I'll show you some character developments and notes I've done so far. [Not many!]
A better quality version can be found here:
What kind of child doesn't have their own stupid dog-like creature in a series like this? A very sad one I guess...? I have no idea.
Again a better quality version can be found here:

Some Nite Owl fanart I did for a friend over on Art Grounds... A silly little piece, no?

A gift for another friend over at Deviant Art in gratitude at being such a sport and helping me find a copy of Maxwell Atom's The Underfist! cartoon. I really couldn't wait to see it. And even though I'm yet to see the full thing, I must say... It was bloody fantastic! Cutos to Mr. Atoms for bringing out such quality viewing over and over!
That's all for now folks! Hope the images don't lag you all to death too much!

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Birthday wishes!

To a good friend of mine, I really hope you had a wonderful day!

I threw together this flash... Please note I've only had one actual lesson about the program, so of course it's gonna suck!

If this doesn't work go here:

But now it is my bed time. Good night.

Monday, 6 October 2008

Shoving some stuff up.

I got my fan art featured on the Frederator's blog for Ape Escape, man was I chuffed with myself!

I design the Morocco kid, because I'm not aware of there ever being one. The kid Secret Squirrel made a guest appearance in "Yo Yogi!"

Some more Ape Escape stuff!

Evil distractions from homework but man are they entertaining hehe.

Sunday, 5 October 2008

I'm so happy right now.

This week has been so very very great for me. I finished my first animation, a basic walk cycle, but it actually WORKS! Man was I a happy bunny that day. My tutor is also gleeful about my work book and says I'm making good progress. No worries at all, which is always a good thing to know.

Mr Atom's update on the Underfist also got me hyped. I just hope it's going to air here on the 12th too, though I'm doubting it... Ah well, it'll end up on the Internet some time after I'm hoping. But the style really is lovely, especially the Fred Fred Burger revamp. So very adorable but keeps the same silly air that it always had. Argh you just want to hug the frozen yoghurt shoveling fool.

On Saturday I also got to see "How to Lose Friends & Alienate People". Simon Pegg you bloody genius! I couldn't stop laughing from start to finish, definitely one title to add on to the "must buy awesomeness" list. Still need to get a job to get the funding to make it more of a reality than a list though... Hmmm..... I also get to go see Mirrors next weekend with a couple of friends of mine, should be a great laugh! They'll probably be screaming their heads off hehe.

And last but not least, I have recently been told over at Frederator's blog about the Ape Escape! cartoon series. I've been looking forward to seeing that for a little over a year now. The shorts have been completed and sent off to Nicktoons so hopefully we'll be seeing them on TV soon. I really do hope so, the story board clips look so great! So much so that I've started drawing fanart already. Like I did LAST year when I first saw some of the starting story boards. Sad little me, teehee.

First up is a little take on one of the story boards. I found it too funny not to try and draw Specter's expressions! Not very creative of me though... Here's the storyboard clip I took it from:

Next up is a little fanart of my own devices. Not such a great take on the style though, Specter's side view is a hard thing to try and mimic... And don't get me STARTED on that bloody monkey. Urgh!

Next up is some fanart of the infamous Fonejacker. That's one funny comedy show, yup.

These just started out as a bunch of Lemurs but it really did give me an idea. Not that it hasn't been done already anyway. A family of animals. Yup. Original. I'll shut up now.

And now, a bunch of sketches of random Cartoon Network characters I love. Not all of them as I ran out of both time and space to do this.

And lastly, I'll shove some colour on here with this little doodle. Enjoy the crud!