Thursday, 23 October 2008

Things have been so tense here at home lately... Not pleasant at all. My parents, brother and I are getting to the end of our tethers at my grans behaviour. It's not natural for someone to behave as such, especially at her age. She gave me a good smack in the arm because I was defending my mother and started screaming while everyone else was simply talking. Buh, my mum said that this is only the beginning of it and that it will only be a matter of time before she starts punching... The only question is how long?

It's a funny feeling, to say the least. I've recently discovered truths about her that I never knew before. About how exactly she has treated my mum. It's disgusting. It's the only word I'd use to describe it. No one should EVER treat their own child that way. It just boils my blood thinking about it... But for peace's sake I will keep my disgust silent. But the next time she goes around being so ungrateful for nothing but kind gestures, my God will I argue with her until I turn blue in the face.

Now for the artwork!

Some old school Secret Squirrel.
Uhhh... Doesn't everyone wanna ride a turtle with a fan blowing to make it feel like you're speeding?... No?

Vent work, nothing more.
Old piece. Can't remember if I've posted it or not. Meh.
Epic poses and perspective crud.
A gift for Maxwell Atoms!
This is a true story. Except people only gave me funny looks.

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