Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Jack O'Lantern!

Unfortunately I was not able to purchase one this year, but I have hopefully made up for this with the number of Jack O'Lantern drawings I have done!
They were made for a friend of mine over on DA who was feeling down about some users heckling her and being neglectful. So I decided to see if I could cheer her up with a bunch drawings of her favourite cartoon character of all time, Jack O'Lantern himself! She was quite speechless when she received it hehe. Mission accomplished I think!

I've also been playing a LOT of Samba De Amigo, so much so that I managed to get to one of the online leader boards on survival mode.

Started like this!

Ended like this!

And now for the arts! Doodled this little thing up a day or two ago.
Me and my friend taking a ride on his skootay! Hehe.

Dancing Sugar glider?
And now for all the Jack art I did for my friend, careful there's quite a few...


jesseOsauchelli said...

i like ur samba monkeys lol and ur jack drawings they came out great

Claire said...

Thank you! Glad you like them. Oh, and I believe I saw you in artgrounds? Don't mind me while I stalk your gallery! My names ManicSaru over there.

Josh Lieberman said...

I'd be honored.