Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Job hunts.

Still on the look out for a job, jeez it's been months and all I've found is places pretending to have spaces for part time slots and fully available manager positions. Ones that I can't fill due to my college commitment. However, today I feel pretty good about it. I've handed out a few CVs and I'm off out to hunt again tomorrow... Jeez it's similar to a Safari out here! Oh well, I'll cover all the back streets to see if I can track down a few more positions that may be willing to give me a job...

As it stands we've officially started dabbling in Flash at college, as you can tell in my previous post I'm still a bit of a newbie. We've also been given full freedom on our final assignment which means I can let my mind run rampant around blank canvas with character and story ideas. My only issue is that I might just get really carried away and add far too much detail to it all... Oh well, I can practice both at home and at college so hopefully I can make it work! In any case I'll show you a few concepts I've got in the works as well as some other concepts for an entirely different idea I've had... Not for college in any way, more for my own personal happiness.
In any case, here's the school stuff!

Starting off with the villains of course. The Rat pack!

The big boss Peter the Polar bear.
Chuck the business chicken. He's an accountant!
My very own "Drama Llama" Liam Llama. Poor nervous bloke.
Fizz the hip Fox cub. The cool kid who rarely speaks!
The Lemming twins. One emotionally unstable, one a complete adrenalin junkie. Go figure!

Now these concepts are for my own little mini series I may or may not do. Depends if I get around to it or not... Or whether I find a better story. I won't reveal it of course but I'll show you some character developments and notes I've done so far. [Not many!]
A better quality version can be found here: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v301/PopCornKid/Mityref1.png
What kind of child doesn't have their own stupid dog-like creature in a series like this? A very sad one I guess...? I have no idea.
Again a better quality version can be found here: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v301/PopCornKid/Louieconcept.jpg

Some Nite Owl fanart I did for a friend over on Art Grounds... A silly little piece, no?

A gift for another friend over at Deviant Art in gratitude at being such a sport and helping me find a copy of Maxwell Atom's The Underfist! cartoon. I really couldn't wait to see it. And even though I'm yet to see the full thing, I must say... It was bloody fantastic! Cutos to Mr. Atoms for bringing out such quality viewing over and over!
That's all for now folks! Hope the images don't lag you all to death too much!

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aww man i love seeing new series concepts it make me feel all V.I.P n stuff, ya know :D