Monday, 6 October 2008

Shoving some stuff up.

I got my fan art featured on the Frederator's blog for Ape Escape, man was I chuffed with myself!

I design the Morocco kid, because I'm not aware of there ever being one. The kid Secret Squirrel made a guest appearance in "Yo Yogi!"

Some more Ape Escape stuff!

Evil distractions from homework but man are they entertaining hehe.



WOW! I've always wanted my art to be shown on their front page! But it has never happened :(

Maybe it's because I only have like 7 pieces of art on there.......maybe! LOL :D

Josh Lieberman said...

Your stuff is great, its got a real fun cartoony sense to it. I like the Panini sketches you did a few posts down.
Really cool blog.

Claire said...

Thank you very much! Hopefully I can one day go and do an internship at a company over in the US... A loooong way down the line yet I guess But I can dream.

Josh Lieberman said...

You're definitely talented enough, and if its something you're really passionate about it'll happen. Just keep workin hard.
There's a great animation studio in Scotland (I think? or Ireland?), Cartoon Saloon