Friday, 17 October 2008

I'm on a roll!

[EDIT 2]: Now with 100% more Skarr! -facepillowsnore-
[EDIT]: Got more Underfist for you! Woop. I feel bad about not having time to draw Skarr yet... He's my favourite character! Jeez.... ):
Been drawing like crazy lately, especially Underfist fan art...

Also been developing my storyboard for my assignment in class. It still needs a LOT of work done to it but I think it's gone pretty well up to this point. The characters have been sorta chosen too! I'll be sticking with Boss Bear, Fizz and a redesign of Chuck. He needs to be a more confident and angry character. Befitting of a rooster. This will also require a rename, hmmm. Ah well, enjoy the random rubbish!

Let's start things off with an Irwin doodle! I loved his role in the show, and his powers were so very nerdeliciously awesome.

Next up is Fred Fredburger!... Now I drew him facing off with a Magic duck because they kept calling him that in the Underfist... Yeah I know I'm not funny shush.

And a Jeff swinging with his little buddy of course! I need to practice drawing Jeff. He's difficult to get correct, as is Hoss.

Jeff the spider! Look at him go!
Hoss Delgado! He was a challenge to draw, as I'm not used to drawing absolute beef cakes. But I'm happy with the results!

And now for some Skarr!

This was a collab I did with a good friend of mine over on Art Grounds! The theme was draw giant bugs wearing top hats and tutus duking it out.... Whaaaat? Can't two bugs duke it out over who's tutu is better?

And finally a robotic cheerleader who wants to kill you. Have a great day people!


RE Cloud Yoch said...

*hug* you post so much stuff here! i keep forgetting to check and update my own blog T^T your little toons are so darling! <3

everything needs to be updated! D8


jesseOsauchelli said...

wow i love ur drawings they look so professional i like that u got the color of the characters just right they look really good and i love ur pic of specter and i also like the post u made that had abunch of sketches of cn characters

Claire said...

Thank you very much the both of you! I'm glad you like my work, and it means a lot to me that you would take the time to leave me a comment. Really, big thank you to you awesome people!