Sunday, 15 June 2008

Strange things.

Blogs are said to be places where you write/type your feelings am I right? I have a hard time doing this through paranoia of someone reading it so I will keep it simple. As you may be aware my moods have been very...Varied through the last few blogs, on and off down spells and such.

Well, as it was said by one of my closest friends, "Hey! Maybe you've finally fallen for someone! Love does that to people." now at the time I didn't think much of the idea and completely dismissed it. After all it doesn't suit my personality at all. But after a few days of thinking and pondering it became clear that to my horror this indeed was the case. And so, I've been sickeningly giddy and high on life for a good few weeks now. To the point of me giggling and smiling for no reason and prancing around like a moron. I feel happy but I also feel like I'm being a big idiot in regards to my actions. I feel very very silly.

I suppose I can use the description I gave to my friend! I have butterflies in my stomach yet I have a large vexed expression and deny all my feelings to anyone who even tries to ask. "I hate everyone!" Usually being the one that surfaces.

But jeez, does it feel special or what? The only ill side to it is the lack of sleep I've been getting as of lately. I'm so very very tired right now, I've fallen asleep on the chair twice! Ah well, my amigos have decided to give me a deadline from telling the guy. Deadline being the right word too.... Heh, I think my feelings will not be returned but I only really face rejection, nothing else. I'm not afraid of such things. I just hope he stays my friend.

As for the art work, a little play with the smudge tool again on sketcher created this abomination below. Please enjoy!

Thursday, 5 June 2008

Oodles of doodles.

Been doing a lot of doodling today, but the majority of the stuff is on paper and my scanner appears to be working against me. So I whipped up a little doodle of Ghost Rider over on sketcher for you all to view! Now things to note about the image...
I got super lazy with the fire, hence it's unfinishedness and generally bad form. The skull itself is also incorrect in shape, it was drawn from memory. And he apparently also has really wonky teeth now hehe.

I was really just playing with the smudge tool this time round, and I have thoroughly fallen in love with it! I just need to combine hard lines with the smudge and hey-presto I'll be set for a new colouring scheme. Fingers crossed people!

Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Quick post.

Okay so my dad stole my laptop for the next few days. I suppose this is a good thing because I really need to take a doodle break...I have a feeling I've injured my arm badly again because as I type this it is in so much freaking pain it's unbelievable...Anyway I doodled up this little sketch of an Irken character for a role play I've gotten back into. Her name is Salif, she is still in the works but this is a rough concept of her. Please enjoy!

Tuesday, 3 June 2008


So I've officially finished off all of my exams! My last one was at 1 PM this-..Well yesterday, afternoon. As you can probably guess I'm up at a crazy time over here in the UK, doodling my little heart out as my inspiration flows back to me. Been making up a few random critters with that scribble technique and definitely got a load of laughs from doing so haha. I've been told the purple dino-thing is a big favourite on the sketcher.

Monday, 2 June 2008

Art block 2.

Continuing the art block thing simply because I have been suggested various other ways to prevent it or fill in the gap of having a lack of ideas.

Another way would be to simply start doing gift art for artists you like, for instance drawing their characters interacting with yours, or even another artists characters. Just make sure you ask their permission first, people are touchy about that sort of thing. Plus being polite is generally how you should go around these things.

A few other things would be re watch old shows you like, or things you were once in to and see if you can draw up some art for it. Similar to the gift art idea I know but it tends to work wonders.

And finally the most obvious, go and talk to your friends or other artists.Even start up a collaboration work. This is a great way to improve yourself as an artist and soak up ideas like there is no tomorrow! Not to mention really fun.

These are only a few ways to get rid of art block and I'm sure everyone has there own way of doing it, but I thought noting a few ways of how I and a few friends beat art block would be worth it if anyone wanted to try something different. Hope this helps whoever needs it!
Click the link for a larger copy, the small view looks a bit icky. Enjoy!

Sunday, 1 June 2008

Art Block.

How does one break this horrible thing of utter evil and causer of copious amounts of artistic stress? I know that the majority of artists out there are thinking, "You're a complaining teen with no sense, shut the Hell up!" and you're possibly right. But I do have a few techniques for ridding yourself of this thorn in your side once and for all if you keep it up.

The first option is no secret, watch a movie or listen to some new music. Inspiration is an easy thing to find through these forms of media, as one knows there are hundreds of thousands of each to keep one preoccupied for a life time. But what if you find yourself too lazy to watch a movie or look for new music, or you don't even have time to do so?

This brings me to another option, based off a game that is played in our school on the last few days of school. What you do is simply scribble in 3 or 4 places, and try and see if you can create something from the scribbles you have made. You needn't be strict either, let the ideas flow from there! After you've got one nailed see if you can continue with the theme, I've found this can generate quite a few interesting designs for myself. There's a sample at the end of this blog, but I only had time to do two.

Another is a game I play with some of my friends over at Art Grounds. What you do is ask someone to give you three objects, and two animals. You then think of something interesting that involves all of the named objects and doodle it down! It's a great way to get the ideas flowing and can also generate a few laughs in the process. Of course you can change the two animals into any being you wish depending on your preference. Never any solid rules for these things haha.

Another technique I've seen around is simply sifting through a news paper and picking out ten words. You then doodle up the first thing that comes to mind. I haven't really ever used this technique, but hey it's the artists preference and each one of us is different.

Now if you'll pardon me I'm going to go and doodle some more and perhaps endulge in some good ol' Mario Kart. Enjoy your day guys!