Monday, 2 June 2008

Art block 2.

Continuing the art block thing simply because I have been suggested various other ways to prevent it or fill in the gap of having a lack of ideas.

Another way would be to simply start doing gift art for artists you like, for instance drawing their characters interacting with yours, or even another artists characters. Just make sure you ask their permission first, people are touchy about that sort of thing. Plus being polite is generally how you should go around these things.

A few other things would be re watch old shows you like, or things you were once in to and see if you can draw up some art for it. Similar to the gift art idea I know but it tends to work wonders.

And finally the most obvious, go and talk to your friends or other artists.Even start up a collaboration work. This is a great way to improve yourself as an artist and soak up ideas like there is no tomorrow! Not to mention really fun.

These are only a few ways to get rid of art block and I'm sure everyone has there own way of doing it, but I thought noting a few ways of how I and a few friends beat art block would be worth it if anyone wanted to try something different. Hope this helps whoever needs it!
Click the link for a larger copy, the small view looks a bit icky. Enjoy!

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