Sunday, 15 June 2008

Strange things.

Blogs are said to be places where you write/type your feelings am I right? I have a hard time doing this through paranoia of someone reading it so I will keep it simple. As you may be aware my moods have been very...Varied through the last few blogs, on and off down spells and such.

Well, as it was said by one of my closest friends, "Hey! Maybe you've finally fallen for someone! Love does that to people." now at the time I didn't think much of the idea and completely dismissed it. After all it doesn't suit my personality at all. But after a few days of thinking and pondering it became clear that to my horror this indeed was the case. And so, I've been sickeningly giddy and high on life for a good few weeks now. To the point of me giggling and smiling for no reason and prancing around like a moron. I feel happy but I also feel like I'm being a big idiot in regards to my actions. I feel very very silly.

I suppose I can use the description I gave to my friend! I have butterflies in my stomach yet I have a large vexed expression and deny all my feelings to anyone who even tries to ask. "I hate everyone!" Usually being the one that surfaces.

But jeez, does it feel special or what? The only ill side to it is the lack of sleep I've been getting as of lately. I'm so very very tired right now, I've fallen asleep on the chair twice! Ah well, my amigos have decided to give me a deadline from telling the guy. Deadline being the right word too.... Heh, I think my feelings will not be returned but I only really face rejection, nothing else. I'm not afraid of such things. I just hope he stays my friend.

As for the art work, a little play with the smudge tool again on sketcher created this abomination below. Please enjoy!

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