Saturday, 5 July 2008

The beginning of an adventure.

This very morning at the insane time of 5 AM I was rudely awoken by my human alarm clock which is my mother to prepare for a rather interesting and one-of-a-kind adventure! That's right guys, I got sent over to the bustling streets of London for the legendary Wimbledon Tennis men's finals!

We ended up getting to the airport at around 6 AM or so, wandering around the duty free shops like they were a jungle thick with sales predators aiming to strike with reasons as to why you should spend your good money on over priced cheap junk! Simply for it's nostalgic value and a bag full of memories, at an air port which I visit within my home city. I've seen all I need to see about Scotland! Edinburgh, specifically.

After a long while of doing this, we decided to retreat into a coffee place and indulge in a decent cup of tea (Hot chocolate for me thanks!) and sat at the lobby waiting to enter the gate way. I watched a few small jets and planes take off, though I rarely speak of my plane obsession. I am actually quite the enthusiast. I wish I could draw them decently, I'd be happy as a clam if I could sketch them from memory!

Within a half hour we were boarding the very small plane, which was packed with business men and women, as they always are at such times in the morning. Anyway, I noticed that this plane was very different than any airliner I had flown on before. The wings were located above the windows, so the jets hung right under the wings and in full view of my window seat. I know I know, you're probably thinking "...And that's interesting because?” To be honest, I couldn't really tell you. I just find it really interesting to watch the engines and how they function. They suck in cold air and coupled with explosions the air becomes incredibly hot and is blown out the other end and thus propels the plane forwards! Truly a marvel of transportation, hehe.

And so, after a very pleasant flight, we took a few underground lines to get to our hotel. The room is a bit small and quite cold, but late I found this to be a very very GOOD thing!

Now, onto the real reason as to why I’m down here in London. My mother and I were lucky enough to gain access to a few tickets to the Wimbledon Tennis games! We had to arrive early to view the matches today, and we’re also here to see the men’s finals on Sunday!

Today, we really only came to see our two favourite players fight to make it into the finals! Those two being Rafael Nadal and Federa. Unfortunately it must be said that Federa’s match was fairly uninteresting… He basically hammered the guy he was playing against. It was kinda predicted by my mum, though I still won’t ever forget ever viewing a match so close up! Hehehe.

Nadal made his match a lot more interesting I have to say. He seemed to drag it along for a while, hammering him at the start and making it look difficult in the middle. He certainly made the crowd stick to the edges of their seats shall we say. Hehe, again something I won’t ever forget seeing! And again, got numerous snaps of the games. Hopefully I’ll get many many more at the finals on Sunday. I really hope it’s Federa V Nadal like last year. It’d make one heck of a show down and an amazing finish to my whole experience!

I’ll hopefully be able to update this blog over the next few days, recording memorable moments. That IS if I can keep this bloody internet connection up long enough to post, jeez lame connections are annoying.

Now for my next task…To figure out how to fix the fuzzy TV so I can watch South Park in colour. hat or go to sleep, I’m really exhausted.

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