Sunday, 28 September 2008

Not much to report.

Not much to say this time around. I'm not really in the greatest of moods... Gosh this thing doesn't want to go away does it? But that's what I get for leaving school so abruptly. People talk as if you don't exist anymore and it's heart breaking. But it happens to everyone... I'll get over it eventually. I hope.

I really need to get a job to distract me from this or something... God.

Tuesday, 23 September 2008


Badabooooom here is some arts. I'm working on something as I type this, and it's actually relatively finished looking! Hooray for meee!

Monday, 22 September 2008


Well it's officially past midnight, so technically it's my birthday... Wooooo... And because no one is around at this time to celebrate with me, I decided to doodle this up. Not much effort but yeah.
My dad kinda forgot my birthday, so that kinda sucks... And some of my friends forgot too considering they asked me why I was even HAVING a party in the first place. Not to mention none of my online chums really remembering but whatever, I'mma enjoy my day anyways! Cake [maybe?], and presents are enough to fill the void!!! I hope.

Saturday, 20 September 2008

And yet again.

Because of my idiotic nature I have fallen prey to being used and tossed aside. Again. I really do hate it. I wish I could just turn into some sort of hulk-like creature and crush people, but I suppose I'll have to leave that to my mind and my doodles hm?

But yeah, picture time. Enjoy!

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Well this time...

Well there's not really much to report on this morning, apart from it's become rather clear that I've got an obsession with Super Secret Squirrel. So now, I shall shove even more doodles of him and his friends onto you!

Please do pardon the last one...I was very hyper when I drew it. Though I must say it's a lot more "striking" if you look at the original. It can be seen here:

Next up is some fanart of the amazingly awesome Rocko! In celebration of the newly released "Best of" DVDs! They can be found on Amazon, and be sure to look up Joe Murray's newly published book too. I've heard very good things about it!

And finally, a character of my very own. I can't remember wether I've named him or not but "Vincent" does come to mind... Hmmm, I'll have to look it up later. I do believe it's time for me to turn in for the night. Please do enjoy the pictures, toodle pip!

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Turn around!

It's most certainly what I would call it anyway! After a few days of trying to find a date acceptable to theoretically have a party with my friends on, I have finally found one that suits both me, my parents, as well as my brother. So it's been decided that it will be happening after all, which makes me over the moon! There are conditions however, but I'm sure my buddies won't mind helping me clean up the morning afterwards hehe.

Monday was a my brothers 18th birthday, as well as a Scottish bank holiday! So my family, the birthday boy and I all went out for the day on a major shopping spree. No one was left out so it seems! As I finally found an anatomy book to aid me with my studies that was actually within my price range, huzzah. A great time was had by all, and we even got to sit down and have a coffee with a light lunch before heading over to the market for the week's shop. But his party is not over yet or so it seems, as we're also going out on Saturday evening to have a celebratory meal at a place of his choosing. I'm curious as to where he's going to choose, but I'm sure it'll be lovely.

These past few days have also been very reminiscent for me, as a few friends and I decided to compose a large list of old cartoons that we grew up watching. I listed quite a number, and have caught up with a couple of them to produce a few doodles for you all. I've got a lot of doodles to post today, so I'll break them off into lists to make the viewing a little more understandable. Brace yourselves for art spam!

First up is some good ol' Rocko's Modern Life doodles. Man was that one of the best shows on television when I was smaller. I really do miss watching it.

Next up is the squirreltastic Super Secret Squirrel! One of my favourite shows when I was smaller, definitely one to look up if you haven't seen it. The show was made by the famous Hannah-Barbera, also the creator of shows such as The Flintstones, Captain Planet and the Jetsons.

Ah, now these next doodles are for a great pal of mine. Known to you as Rippl3r, I met him on AG a long while back when I first joined. He's remained and will always be one of my closest amigos. If you're reading this Ripp, me love you long time okay hun? Okay!

And this last piece is just a random doodle that really doesn't have any meaning what so ever. I just felt the need to draw a Husky and a Fox. Enjoy!

Thursday, 11 September 2008

Plans gone wrong.

As always when I plan something it doesn't turn out like it's supposed to... This time it is not in my favour, but you know life goes on.
I'm just a bit miffed that my birthday got wiped off the map because of my brother's birthday. I know it's his 18th and it's very special, but why does that mean I can't have one little party? I haven't had a party since I was 7, jeez. Although I'm happy that he gets a special dinner to celebrate his 18th, he's going out with his friends this weekend too so I'm sure he'll have a blast! I just hope he doesn't get drunk...Yikes.
I've also managed to pick up two more job applications. I'll fill 'em out and hopefully have them sent back within the next two days or so... Hope I actually get hired, though I doubt I will. No one wants to hire a 16 year old with no experience. All the jobs available right now are Management ones anyway, a full time job that I can't work for! Ah well. Hope you're all doing better than I am, I have to say I'm feeling quite down in the dumps.

Monday, 8 September 2008

Some doodles!

Just thought I'd pop over here and upload a few sketches I've done. Nothing finished, just doodles with colour thrown here and there!

Last weekend I went out with my friends for a good ol' movie day. Although we really never got around to actually watching anything because we were too busy talking, laughing, hitting and hugging each other. We also got ourselves lost late at night trying to chum one another home! It was great fun, I'm really gonna miss them so badly.... But that doesn't mean I can't go and visit them all on Wednesdays mwehehehe. We also decided that we should all hang out more at weekends and t never finalize my leavingness with a traditional shirt signing. I'm rather thankful of that actually, it'd make me get all weepy and I hate being like that!

We also began planning what's gonna happen for my birthday. So far its just going to be a two day movie fest with snacks and video game playing. Sounds like a perfect party to me! As long as they come over and hang out with the lonely sod which is me. Can't wait!

Anyway, I must be off. Gotta keep cleaning up the house, new carpets are being fitted tomorrow.

Enjoy the sketches and hope you're all keeping well!

Tuesday, 2 September 2008


Second day at college today and I gotta say I'm having a blast! Lovin' the classes even if I'm still too shy to barely speak. Gotta say I'm so happy I got in. The classes are a lot more art-involved and thus more interesting to a doodler like me. So far I've had a Sound class, Photography class, Life drawing class...And on Thursday it'll be my first Lighting class and animation class! I can hardly contain myself with excitement.

As for tomorrow, seeing as I have a day off I'm planning to go on the hunt for jobs before meeting up with a few friends during their lunch break so I can say a proper good bye. Ohhh which reminds me, I popped in today after class time and said good bye to the majority of the teachers I had at Boroughmuir before signing a leavers forum...

Some how through all of that I also got invited back to go to the Sixth year prom, even if I've left...Which should be rather lovely to go along to, see old friends and stuff. But that's not for a long time yet!
Doodled something up for you all as well, even if it was rather quick. Please enjoy!