Monday, 8 September 2008

Some doodles!

Just thought I'd pop over here and upload a few sketches I've done. Nothing finished, just doodles with colour thrown here and there!

Last weekend I went out with my friends for a good ol' movie day. Although we really never got around to actually watching anything because we were too busy talking, laughing, hitting and hugging each other. We also got ourselves lost late at night trying to chum one another home! It was great fun, I'm really gonna miss them so badly.... But that doesn't mean I can't go and visit them all on Wednesdays mwehehehe. We also decided that we should all hang out more at weekends and t never finalize my leavingness with a traditional shirt signing. I'm rather thankful of that actually, it'd make me get all weepy and I hate being like that!

We also began planning what's gonna happen for my birthday. So far its just going to be a two day movie fest with snacks and video game playing. Sounds like a perfect party to me! As long as they come over and hang out with the lonely sod which is me. Can't wait!

Anyway, I must be off. Gotta keep cleaning up the house, new carpets are being fitted tomorrow.

Enjoy the sketches and hope you're all keeping well!

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