Tuesday, 2 September 2008


Second day at college today and I gotta say I'm having a blast! Lovin' the classes even if I'm still too shy to barely speak. Gotta say I'm so happy I got in. The classes are a lot more art-involved and thus more interesting to a doodler like me. So far I've had a Sound class, Photography class, Life drawing class...And on Thursday it'll be my first Lighting class and animation class! I can hardly contain myself with excitement.

As for tomorrow, seeing as I have a day off I'm planning to go on the hunt for jobs before meeting up with a few friends during their lunch break so I can say a proper good bye. Ohhh which reminds me, I popped in today after class time and said good bye to the majority of the teachers I had at Boroughmuir before signing a leavers forum...

Some how through all of that I also got invited back to go to the Sixth year prom, even if I've left...Which should be rather lovely to go along to, see old friends and stuff. But that's not for a long time yet!
Doodled something up for you all as well, even if it was rather quick. Please enjoy!

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