Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Turn around!

It's most certainly what I would call it anyway! After a few days of trying to find a date acceptable to theoretically have a party with my friends on, I have finally found one that suits both me, my parents, as well as my brother. So it's been decided that it will be happening after all, which makes me over the moon! There are conditions however, but I'm sure my buddies won't mind helping me clean up the morning afterwards hehe.

Monday was a my brothers 18th birthday, as well as a Scottish bank holiday! So my family, the birthday boy and I all went out for the day on a major shopping spree. No one was left out so it seems! As I finally found an anatomy book to aid me with my studies that was actually within my price range, huzzah. A great time was had by all, and we even got to sit down and have a coffee with a light lunch before heading over to the market for the week's shop. But his party is not over yet or so it seems, as we're also going out on Saturday evening to have a celebratory meal at a place of his choosing. I'm curious as to where he's going to choose, but I'm sure it'll be lovely.

These past few days have also been very reminiscent for me, as a few friends and I decided to compose a large list of old cartoons that we grew up watching. I listed quite a number, and have caught up with a couple of them to produce a few doodles for you all. I've got a lot of doodles to post today, so I'll break them off into lists to make the viewing a little more understandable. Brace yourselves for art spam!

First up is some good ol' Rocko's Modern Life doodles. Man was that one of the best shows on television when I was smaller. I really do miss watching it.

Next up is the squirreltastic Super Secret Squirrel! One of my favourite shows when I was smaller, definitely one to look up if you haven't seen it. The show was made by the famous Hannah-Barbera, also the creator of shows such as The Flintstones, Captain Planet and the Jetsons.

Ah, now these next doodles are for a great pal of mine. Known to you as Rippl3r, I met him on AG a long while back when I first joined. He's remained and will always be one of my closest amigos. If you're reading this Ripp, me love you long time okay hun? Okay!

And this last piece is just a random doodle that really doesn't have any meaning what so ever. I just felt the need to draw a Husky and a Fox. Enjoy!

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