Monday, 17 November 2008

Guess who's a lazy poo?

I feel like such a lazy sod, considering the upload of pictures this update is pathetic in the amount of time I've had. But I assure you, I wasn't being silly and playing video games the whole time, honest!... Okay so maybe I was, but it was the best game ever. I was one of the many people who flocked to the Fusionfall web page for one of their wide scale Beta tests! It was spread across last Friday to Sunday and let me tell you, it was great fun. And usually mmoRPGs aren't my cup of tea. Then again, a coming together of the CN stars would of course be appealing to a mega cartoon junkie like myself. I spent most of my time making the Numbuh 2 and 5 nanos dance and say things. They were so adorable! I could feel my heart and brain combusting from the mere sight of them! So as what happens with all things I love, expect a heap of doodles of the game and some of my experiences in it. Starting with this post of course!

Now on to the drawings!

I have rekindled my fangirlish nature for a certain red headed genius due to Fusionfall. Also caused me to scower the Internet to find a few episodes to watch as well. Oh how I love Dexter's Laboratory. Genndy Tartakovsky is so amazing...

A doodle of a squirrel that looks like me on my way to college. Minus a very heavy bag that could knock out a walrus and an elephant if it were in the wrong hands.

A crying Fred Fredburger who is rather sad that the Underfist never went trick or treating. I feel his pain.

A doodle of a young and confused Bomberman!

A coloured picture of a Bomberma-I mean girl named Aqua. These are rare, especially from me!
A coloured drawing of my Fusionfall avatar with the three Nanos I have chosen to keep with me. I'd have a Nigel nano too if I could ever find one!

And finally... Well it kinda speaks for itself... I can't draw anime and this is probably the last one you'll ever see from me haha. An attempt at a style comparison of the cartoon Numbuh 1 and the Fusionfall style.

Enjoy the art! I hope I can post up some more soon to make up for the gap!

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