Sunday, 9 November 2008


Are kinda boring but are one of the many things one must do whether they like it or not. Luckily for me I've almost finished mine for Communications class so I should have plenty of time to work on my other projects hehe. I've got through the first part of my animation without a hitch, but the backgrounds are proving to be fairly time consuming. I'm considering using painted backgrounds instead, but the scan quality might hinder me a bit... I could do the backgrounds in my own time here at home I suppose as well as the sketch animations, bring them in to class and add the final details then. Hmmmmm, I'll ponder this over in greater details over the course of the week, see if I can get a conclusion out before Thursday.
I also have eight ideas for Digital imaging in the works, I should be able to do a photo shoot of them sometime in the near future before I can get on to painstakingly editing them over in Photoshop. At least it's progression!... I think?
Anywhoooo, on to the doodles!
I blame my itunes for this one. A bunch of dance songs came on in a row and the next thing I know... A dancing afro monkey? I draw these too often!

Been in a real Chowder mood as of lately, so I've got a few doodles of him and Panini.

I was also in a bit of an Underfist mood. But then again that's more of a case of, when am I not?

Bun bun doesn't look pleased...

Some Irken art too? I really am going backwards in my line of obsessions.

Some Ed art is a must hehe.

Some old school Secret Squirrel, boy do I miss watching that.

I'll finish off this post with this doodle. Inspired by Voltaire's Disco Dracula... Don't ask? I have no idea okay!...

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