Friday, 28 March 2008

Cows and guns.

Okay so I haven't been around much lately, school is still taking over but you know, only 8 more weeks right? Then it's exam time and after that the long awaited summer holidays!
I plan on doing a lot during the Summer, hanging out with friends, getting a few new programs for animating, actually get a version of Photoshop...And of course, the whole travelling around to Open days for colleges thing, I plan on visiting Dundee University as well as the Art college, maybe even a little closer to home and checking out Edinburgh college of art. I was in there once before to see the art with my class and I must admit it is a beautiful place to work...Though the hallways kinda remind me of a hospital. Hm, that's a tad un-nerving isn't it?

Oh yeah, got my report card today too. Can't wait to see my dad's face when he sees how good it's going for me, somehow I think he'll turn it into a drama and something bad like usual but nyeh, I'll let him because I'm happy with it. Yes yes.

And to every ones surprise I DO bring art with me this visit, and it's finished! Kind of anyway. The line art is messy but it was a quick doodle so sue me.

Yup, done for a friend of mine who is obsessed with this little Bomberman. Who could blame him? Just look at his face! You can't say no to it.

But since yesterday I've been doodling up storm with lots of...Cowboys. And I mean a LOT. Maybe I'll upload some next time around hm? Have a good one guys!

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