Sunday, 18 January 2009

New semester!

That's right people, it's just over the horizon and I'm STILL lagging behind on my work. I need to redo my brief, complete all of my 8 images and then add the sounds to my animation. I have the rest of today and tomorrow to do this. Thankfully I'm close to completion of the 8, and the sounds will not take me too long to do if Flash decides to cooperate. And briefs are simple too so I should be up and runin' by Tuesday! I'm lucky I finished off my art study for my tutor by the first deadline or I'd be in so much trouble right now.

I have artwork for this upload, but I've been rather distressed with the doodling recently... I haven't drawn anything in days and it's starting to get me a little frustrated. I feel like the bird down there!

Anyway, hope you're all keeping well! Until the next update, toodles!

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