Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Still alive.

Just letting you all know I'm still around, and still doodling anway. A lot of stuffs been going on around here lately...Not of the pleasant kind either, but one must stay hopeful in these situations or so I have been told.

In any case, recently I've been getting into an anime...Rare for me considering I'm not the biggest fan of these things due to reused stories... But I have to say, Yu-Gi-Oh caught my eye, and not the English dub either. It started out with the Abridged series made my Little Kuriboh. I loved his spin on the characters, and the show really did cheer me up during this time. I'd thank him personally if I could, but that would be a bit difficult! So I started chasing down the Japanese version with subs. Particularly the season that never aired outside of Japan, or as people on the interwebs seem to call it "Season 0". Less cardgames and more mind tricks, lovely stuff! But I must say the drawings have been quite entertaining in Yu-Gi-Oh... Especially when they're trying to be serious, but that's for another time.

OHHHH, and how excited is everyone about Ice Age 3? I gotta say I'm dying to see it! I loved the previous ones, and so far the clips I've seen of the third installment have looked absolutely amazing. That and Simon Pegg is in it...Gaaah he's so funny, and the character he's playing suits the voice acting he provided so well. Gotta set aside some time to go see that, that's for sure!

Hope you're all having a nice summer, it's been pretty rainy over here but today was lovely.

Also, sorry for the huuuuge art dump and lack of updates.

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Bex said...

Simon Peeeeeeggg! He's amazing! <3 Love the doodles, my favourites are the last Yugi one and the bears, as well as that guy with the glasses. :D