Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Le sigh...

So it's nearly the end of the summer holidays, I'm kinda afraid to go back to college. The work load this year is apparently similar to a tonne of bricks being slung over your shoulder and dragged up a hill. Goody!

A lot has happened during my absense of posting, on the art front aswell as the general life one... We have a new kitten called Cleo wandering around the house, good thing too because my family really do need a little cheer around here. She's a lovely beastie, Bruce and her get along like a house on fire. They play together for hours and when they're done they cuddle up together and snooze. It's really sweet!

My grans not doing so good however... The chemo therapy has taken it's toll as expected, she's weak and needs a lot of help around the house. She also took a fall a few weeks back which gave us all a scare. She was taken into the hospital today because she's started blacking out a lot and we were getting worried. I'm sure she will be fine after a few fluid drips though. I wish my parents were more hopeful though....

I'm also worried about my parents. They're getting really stressed out about this, because my gran needs help with everything. We even had to get a baby monitor put in her room so they could get to her during the night if she needs them. In saying that, my gran is also being difficult about it. She lies to the paramedics/doctors for a start, which doesn't help ANYONE. She also tends to only ask for help from my mum. To put it in perspective, she works 12 hour shifts at a time. It's putting so much pressure on her, she has to stay up late with my gran only to get up super early for work. I mean, for the past few weeks she's beem going to bed at 3 AM and getting up at 8 AM. It's insane!

So me and my brother have been doing what we can to help out. I've adopted to cooking and cleaning the kitchen up, also hoovering and cleaning various rooms, dusting and the like. I found that I love to cook! It's awesome!
Been drawing less and less however, but that can be expected. I've compiled a bunch of stuff I've done over the period, but I can't put all of it up hehe.

Lately, we've also been doing some rearanging of the house. I moved into my gran's upstairs room, she and my brother moved into downstairs rooms. It's not a perminant move for me, but it's still nice. I've never had such a big room! I also have a desk to call my own now. Still moving stuff but it's done for the most part. :)

Anyways, I better get moving! I have to clean up and cook dinner before my dad has to go out to see my gran. Hope you're all keeping well!

Toodle pip!

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