Sunday, 24 January 2010

Phew! Semester 1 is over!

Semester 1 of my HNC is finally over. It felt like it took such long time, especially after the last week or so. I've had so many technical difficulties that I've started to hate the college computers with a passion... Also the printers. They always want to break when I need to use them, or so it seems. I lost most of my work within the last few days we had left to work on it, but managed to pull out something to show.

Tomorrow I get to find out if I've passed and if I have made the cut for the 2nd semester. I really hope I have, because I really tried my best this time. I don't want to sound like I'm making excuses but... It's been a really tough year. Losing my gran made me think a lot about what I've been doing, how I am as a person and what I need to change about me. It took me such a long time to think it through and to be honest, I think I still am. I know I sure as Hell cry about it still. Thats for another time I suppose, though.

I haven't been drawing much on the computer, but I have a few old doodles I can throw at you all. Hope you're keeping well!
Time to find out if I'm in the clear. Tomorrow will be the make or break of it! Good night guys.

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blue-paprika said...

oh my god! your art is.. super cool!!!