Tuesday, 8 June 2010


It's been quite a while since I've updated this place... I really wish I had more time to throw stuff up here, but between college deadlines and lots of distractions it's been rather difficult to say the least. A lot has happened since the last update, some good and some bad, but hey it could always be worse!

Most of college is over, so I get a lot more time to doodle whatever I want! However, I've set myself somewhat of a summer project animation-wise. I won't tell you too much about it at this stage, seeing as the idea itself is only two days or so old, but it is based around the popular game Team Fortress 2. I recently bought myself a copy off steam, soooo very addicting! Not to mention inspiring hehehe...
So a lot of this art is TF2 based. Now, I have drawn a lot more than this...I just don't want to spam you too much with stuff that really sucks. Plus most of it is in my sketchbook and my scanner STILL hates me.

I hope distractions don't get to me too much... I do love CoD:MW2 and TF2 but I REALLY wanna make sure I improve my art this summer. Especially with people's faces and body structure! I wanna be able to style it all like crazy.

Click the engineer below to see him dance!...Really badly might I add.

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Guillermo Biasini said...

Like you Engineer Animation :P...Yippi Kai Yay!!! :D