Thursday, 20 January 2011

College work, uni applications and all that junk.

Been ages since I've updated this blog... Been busy with college projects and building my portfolio, so I can guarantee that I haven't stopped drawing at all, which is always a plus right?

It's been pretty hectic these past few months, worrying about which university to apply to... What work needs to be done for what date and the whole "try to improve your art skills" thing. Then again thats a constant goal for an artsist isn't it?

But to be fair, I have also been busy...Ehh...Playing video games. Yes. That means busy. It gave me inspiration to draw so no complaints from me! It's fun AND inspiring, and because it's drawing it's double the fun! Even better. :D

I have been meaning to post some life drawing over here for a looooong time now, and I actually do have some stuff to throw up here for those who still check back here! Prepare to be blinded by my horrible attempts at anatomy!
I will try and post the rest at a later date, once my portfolios have been sent around to the Universities I have applied to.

Hope you've all been keeping well! I gotta get back to working on these deadline hehe.


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