Saturday, 3 May 2008


Okay so I've been a busy body with loads of School work deadlines but the majority is done! I've finally finished all my art course work and it's being sent off to the SQA. I'll not hear another word about it until my exam results come back to me and that's a long time away. Now all I need to do is take all my exams over the next month or so and it'll be relax time. But, I do get to have a little more artistic freedom for a few days so I wandered around looking out for ideas.A request ended up falling into my lap so I attempted it. The request was to draw a picture of Mephiles the Hedgehog, a character from one of the newer Sonic games I presume. I haven't played any of them so I have no clue who he is.He was fun to doodle though!

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