Friday, 23 May 2008


Okay so I've been a very very busy person the last few weeks. So much has happened in such a short space of time it is unbelievable. I'll start in order I suppose, of how my life has somehow changed.

So I've almost finished all of my finals, one more to go and I'm completely free of what I can safely say has been my worst year ever. Then again I'm not the only one who feels this, a lot of my year do. S5 is a Hell hole. But it's now when you realise that you've only got one year to go before you split from High School and either go to College, start working as an apprentice, or go onto University.Scary stuff, but I'm sure we all know that already.

And onto the next big thing that's happened, I have resigned my place as administrator upon that art site I've waffled on about before. It came to the point that the community has changed from what I am used to, and that my job was no longer a pleasure but a chore.So I've packed up my art and moved else where, this may give me more time to update this place. It is the only thing I give attention to anymore hehe. This also doesn't mean I'm finished with being an admin in general, I have been approached elsewhere for the job. It's kinda nice to have people trust you as much as that, it really blew me away.

I have also packed up my art over at Deviant Art, I have no real reason why I have. I just feel it is time for a change.It's not like I updated much over there anyway, so I'm sure it won't matter.

It's odd because I feel more free than I have in a very long time, though it has to be said it's also overwhelming.

I haven't drawn a lot of decent art in a while either, with the finals being at my heels and all. But I have doodled up this little cute-thing that makes me want to combust from sheer terror. Please enjoy!

I've been wanting to doodle up the Delightful Children for a long time now, so hopefully my next blog will have some of them on it. Not promises though.

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