Sunday, 1 March 2009

How time does fly!

It really does! I never get the chance to update here much anymore, which is a shame because I do like to record my thoughts... Ah well, I do have that sketch diary in the works, have had it since I started college way back hehe. Maybe I'll scan a couple of pages in one day when I get a hold of a scanner that's of decent quality! but until then you'll have to wait I guess.

Got a lot of college work to do this semester, and I'm finding it hard to keep on top of it but I'm coping. I want to get my design work done quickly this time around, so I have plenty of time for the animation and don't have to let the sound quality let it down. I've got the character designs down, and some possible background area ideas, so I guess that's helpful enough. Got an essay due on Tuesday, not so hot about that one though... Wasn't sure how to start it off, let alone give it a middle and an end! But I guess time will tell if that was a good attempt or not.

Been working on drawing realism. Perhaps I'll throw up some of my sketches, criticisms would be welcomed and much appreciated. Hope all is good on your end guys. Have a good one!

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Amy said...

Hehe! Hope you get all your work done on time! Try to stay on top and don't bury your head in the sand, From personal expreience all that does is violently depress you.

And if you ever do find a scanner of sorts please do upload some mroe of your work! You know how much I love seeing it. <3

As for your realism sketches (which I love.), I'm not the best at critique but I'll try my best to give you some helpful advice!

Try to work on your feet a little more and perhaps a little more detail in the torso area, Such as the rib cage/stomach edge (From Naz.)

Your colouring is so bloody superb! Fffffft, Espcially your laughing octopus and Peach pictures! And I love your fire in the fury doodle, You make it look so warm and enticingly inviting. XD The reflections are really cool on the spacehelmet. <3

But I love all the poses you use in your sketches, Even your cartoon ones! They're all so vibrant and full of life!

And yes, Your man-peach is sexy. >:C And Naz said that the shading is amazing, I think it brings out it's masculine beauty! >;D

Anyway, Bell went around 10 minutes ago so I better dash before I get in shit. xD