Monday, 23 March 2009

Ughhrrrr... Sorry!

College ate my soul again! I apologise for my lack of updates. It's been so long since I've updated this place. Been filling up my sketchbook diaries for college and my own of course, instead.Got a couple of doodles to throw up so hopefully that will make up for it. I even have a traditional piece to show you all, lucky duckies? I dunno, I kinda suck with the inks and water colours and things... Oh well, hope you like them none the less! Quite a few cartoons and game arts here... Some Courage the cowardly dog characters. I do miss that show.

Some Metal gear solid works too! Including what I can only assume is a caricature of a young Revolver Ocelot. It kinda scares me. Especially his eyes!
Also some Ape Escape. Yes yes. Much banter and all that jazz.

There is blood on a picture further down, just to warn you.


Skeb said...

oh... I can put comments here? I thought I needed an account?

your so lucky you can draw so easily. I find it hard, so the only work ive done since college is college work... thats it... aahhh it'd be so cool to just draw.

anywho, super awesome doodles :D

Luke said...

Absolutely beautiful stuff Claire! The amount of progress i've witnessed in your art since I met you has been phenominal! I'm so jealous lol. Whatever you do, stick at it. I'm interested to see where your future is headed (so I can mooch off ya). Kinda corny but it needed to be said :D

Signed your biggest fan.

Keep it up Claire Bear!!!

Josh Lieberman said...

That courgae looks great. The reflection of the 'mask' in his eyes is a nice touch.
Great stuff.