Wednesday, 27 August 2008


Well I just had an interview at Stevenson college for my animation course option. As it stands I don't think I will get a spot, not because of my work but because of a faulty computer. There's supposed to be one more computer in the room but apparently the tech people aren't fixing it or whatever. So I'm probably not going to get a place which sucks because it means I have to stay at Boroughmuir.

However, I do have a reserved spot in case someone wants to drop out of the class, so if anyone does I'll be able to get in. They think I'm very young for doing it though, because a few more highers will improve my chances at art colleges... Oh well.

They said if I had applied a little earlier they would have given me a spot, but I do have other options. I can either start college in January instead and have another interview in November/December, or wait another year.

They'll give me a call later on with what's happening, but I must say it doesn't look like I'll be going this year. Sucks to be me.

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