Wednesday, 13 August 2008


Alright so, I've been busy for the past few weeks working on something pretty big for me. It involved the Scottish film organization and their GASP project. This gives five people over the age of 16 the chance to work in an animation studio up here in ol' Scotland-diddly-o. Obviously a chance I couldn't bare to miss out on! So I've been scribbling away at the application and filling out the required three page portfolio. My father is on his way to mail it off today so wish me luck guys! Maybe I'll get the chance to go to an interview and maybe even actually get a place. That would be dandy wouldn't it? I'm sure I won't get the chance to considering there are only five places but I'm still gonna work my pants off to try and get there.

As for other goings on, one of my cats has recently fallen ill, the good news is she's on the mend and just needs to continue being monitored for the time being. I'm sure she'll be back to her perky old self again in no time hehe.
Also, my obsession with both the show 24 and Kids Next Door has yet again been renewed as I've been watching episodes quite a bit for the past few days. Making many a Jack Bauer joke and doodling away. I also bought the season 1 & 2 soundtrack for 24, and let me say I am very pleased with the score of it! Money well spent I have to say.

And some more news on the cartoon front for me, I have recently tuned in to watching El Tigre on Nick. I'm rather disappointed that I'm so late in watching this show though, it's rather interesting and the style makes me smile. I have a few works I've done of El Tigre and Django that I can post up here for you all to melt your eyes out with of course!

In other news my parents have began that talk of moving home again, their plan is to buy a large house up North where most of our positions and such will remain, as well as a small flat over here in Edinburgh. The advantage to this is that I'll get a room bigger than 2 metres wide and get a place to pollute with loud and jumpy music without being interrupted, huzzah! Of course there is only TALK of this, no actual movement towards it. Though I have reasons to believe my mum is rather serious about this idea, but I'll keep you updated on the matter if it changes.
And what do I have planned for the rest of today, you ask? [Not really, I just need to blab a little longer!]

Well I've got a friend popping over for the night and we plan on watching some 24 episodes, eat cake and play video games of course! What better way to spend an evening?

And now onto the arts I can scrounge up for you all, enjoy!

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