Monday, 14 January 2008


Procrastination is the devil. I managed to not procrastinate on my studies, but still managed to do so with my drawing.So I will shove up some old work again and hope that I will be able to draw something nice soon enough.

Old, incorrectly coloured AND it's blurred.Score one for the computer without a coloured screen...You may have won that battle but you will never win the war!

I seriously cannot wait for the Underfist. It sounds so very epic and is full of my favourite characters from Billy and Mandy, what more could I want? A new tablet maybe but that is besides the point. I have a very long wait but I bet it'll be worth it.Besides I get to be one of those fun people who glue their eyes to TV screens for their most favouritest show for once, what fun.

Now I will attempt to actually draw something before I go to bed...Maybe someone actually sticking their eyes to a screen...That would be funny wouldn't it?Yes. Just smile and nod.

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