Saturday, 12 January 2008


I was playing Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles today. You know, kicking zombie butt and having a blast with the grenades...I was surrounded and had loads of ammo, perfect thing to have in such a situation! I was kicking so much tail, but then something horrible happened...My Wii mote ran out of batteries so all I could do was watch in horror as I was slowly devoured by leaches. What fun, eh?

Fweh, I was also watching "Emotional Skarr" today and decided to doodle this up!
Now if you'll excuse me, more zombies need to be destroyed! I'm armed with a belt load of batteries THIS time!


jesseOsauchelli said...

i totally remember this episode its bin so long since ive seen it thow

Claire said...

Yeah, I miss Evil Con Carne. It was a real funny show, one of a kind.