Tuesday, 22 January 2008

What's with this?

I have never understood the insult "fag". I know it's derogatory for a homosexual but it's used very often over here in Scotland's armpit known as Edinburgh.[I love it really.] However, it is also known as a term for a cigarette, now what I'm wondering is. If someone is called a "fag", does that give you the option of picking them up and setting fire to their hair? Hmmm perhaps someone should test this one day, see if it stands in court.

Now onto excuses for my absence of artistic barf. One word. Exams. End of story. I have a maths National Assessment Bank on Friday, in other words they want to see if you can fail it so they can kick you from the class for the heck of it, stupid one would think eh?

Another pointless thing over here in Scotland is the Standard Grade qualification. It serves NO purpose what so ever apart from letting you move onto a much harder course which is known as a Higher.That's all very well and good but the leap of work applied to each is so huge that it causes people to stumble and fail these Highers with ease.Why not raise the bar for the Standard Grade SQA? Or even get rid of it all together and teach Highers over two years, that would make more sense that cramming two years worth of knowledge and teaching into ONE year. I mean I have an exam in a little over a week and they haven't even finished teaching me what I actually need to know to DO it.

Just a little peek into the Scottish schooling system for you, it has so many holes that it should be classified as a siv. I mean for the art exam you aren't even assessed on your artistic skills, only your essay writing skills, now some people classify writing as an art. I agree, it is, but not the kind that should be in an art class I would say it should be for English don't you think?

Anyway I'll stop the ranting and raving, as I have finally been able to doodle something up. Meet my space Kangaroo! He wants all of your croutons!

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